Abe Lincoln in his classic Swag posture.

When Abe Lincoln abolished slavery with the sole intention of making life better for all enslaved, he truly demonstrated a level of “swagger” that had never been seen before. His Gettysburg Address was only 250 words long, where as his rival’s speech lasted 2 hours. No one remembers that other speaker, but Good ol’ Abe’s speech is the most famous in US history. Swag right? Not only that but he was likely to have mild small pox when he gave the speech. swagger swag. Then he proceeded to end slavery. There was some swag.

It is with this mind that we created HBSSW, with the holistic virtue to carry on Honest Abes tradition of powerful short lines of composed swag. We set out on this journey with Abe in our hearts and swag in our veins and hope to extend our views to all who wish to know that, “Here be some Swag words.”