Slavoj Zizek will destroy you with his mind

Devoted followers,

Here be some serious video swag, comin’ at you from Slovenian Post-Marxist cultural theorist Slavoj Zizek, upon whom I have bestowed the affectionate sobriquet of Zizi.  The video is an hour long Google Talk that ranges from a discussion of the unknown unknowns of the Iraq War to the heretofore inexplicable success of Sarah Palin to the way in which toilet types reflect cultural contexts; the more mundane the subject matter, the greater the cultural insight.  That approach has brought him world-renown as a cultural theorist, and makes his lectures a relevance that is often lacking in highly academic discourse.  While his superbrain skips from one thought to the next, Zizek tripping tongue is left trying desperately to catch up – a ridiculous speech impediment is the unfortunate but humorous result.  Still, Zizi manages, like our dear friend Honest Abe, to say more in two minutes than Edward Everett could in two hours, earning him a coveted position on this blog and the unprecedented Swag Index Score of Swaggin’ the Hardest.  Congrats, Zizi, and keep up the swag.

Namaste Badass ji